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Is love meant to be? From a guy’s perspective, the answer is “Yes!”

“Pop’s Place,” series based on my novel of the same name.

Pop’s Place: Some Things Are Meant to Be, is a fresh romantic historical drama based on true-life stories. Jackson "Pop" Harrison, a fictional characterization of Rear Admiral J.D. Blitch, is a World War II US Navy dive-bomber hero who returns to his ancestral homestead-turned-boardinghouse on Sullivan’s Island near Charleston. He reconnects with the now-grown-up, feisty, beautiful daughter of his close friend. Together they embark on a passionate but complicated romance through life in the post-war Low Country.

The book centers around a boardinghouse with rotating colorful guests, as well as a love triangle with the title character Pop, his love interest Michaela and Pop’s business partner, the beautiful and haunted Cuban refugee Kat Sanchez. Mystery illnesses, government secrets, hurricanes, escaped criminals and estranged spouses add intrigue.

But when Michaela and Pop might find true happiness and Pop is presumed dead in a fire, is that the end of the love story?

The book is a little bit of Nicholas Sparks meets “Grand Hotel.” Throw in Linda Bloodworth-Thomason’s sensibility with a uniquely Southern feel. It is a unique beautiful love story similar to great TV romances, and there is nothing like this on television, in the movies or on bookshelves!