Where Pop's Story All Started

14 Colonial Street in the historical section of Charleston, South Carolina. That's where J.D. "Jack" Blitch, my father and the actual person that Pop Harrison characterizes, was born and raised.

My wife and I were up in the Charleston area, actually in Mt. Pleasant, a few years back looking to sell some property we had in the Longpoint subdivision. We were leaning against our car chatting with our real estate agent when I happened to mention that my father had been born and raised at home downtown. My agent asked what the address was and I told him.

The agent thought for a moment, then excused himself saying, "hang on a moment, that address sounds familiar."

He walked over to his car, sat down inside, and picked up his car phone - before we had cell phones. He chatted for a few moments, hung up the phone, and rejoined our little group.

"That's what I thought," he said, "somehow that address rang a bell. My friend, a doctor, owns that house."

"That's incredible," I exclaimed. "What a coincidence!"

"Would you like to have a tour?"

"Well, sure!" I said. "My dad passed away quite a few years ago and I never got to see his house from the inside."

"My friend isn't home right now, but he says you are welcome to go on over and have a look around. The housekeeper is there and she'll let you in."

We concluded our business rather quickly and zoomed on over to the house, about 15 minutes away. We parked at the curb in front of the house, quickly climbed the wooden steps to the front porch, and rang the bell.

We could have sworn that the black woman who used to be pictured on the front of a Aunt Jemima's pancake box, red bandanna and all, answered the door. She was as nice as could be and toured us around every room of the house, explaining how babies were born at home back then. My wife and I, particularly me, were very grateful for the tour and thanked her.

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