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Pop's Place: Some Things Are Meant To Be

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Based in part on the life and times of World War II US Navy dive-bomber hero Rear Admiral John Blitch, Jackson "Pop" Harrison returns from the war to his ancestral homestead on Sullivan's Island near Charleston, South Carolina where he finds himself without family... except those in the family plot under the spreading oak tree. There, like so many other Americans who had survived years of intense conflict, he goes about picking up the pieces of his shattered life while haunted by nightmares of his childhood and military combat.

Almost immediately upon hanging up the shingle on "Pop's Place", the family residence-turned-boarding-house, Pop is immersed in adventure after adventure with romance and betrayal, life and death, challenges and victories, and the drama of post-war low country. Confident in battle as a warrior, Pop is curious in discovering that he is suddenly unsure of himself outside the cockpit - particularly with his best friend's beautiful young daughter who has matured while he was away at war.

Though he narrowly escaped countless close calls in a war that claimed the lives of so many others, true to his selflessness, courage and strength of character, Pop decides between life and making the ultimate sacrifice for the one he loves.

About Me

I am a retired US Navy officer and the son of Rear Admiral John Blitch, USN (ret.). After retiring from the navy, I founded and currently own and operate Magellan Christian Academies, faith-based early childhood education centers. I met my wife while on active duty in Pensacola, Florida. I am the father of three children and five grandchildren. I reside with my wife in Jacksonville Beach, Florida.

I authored Pop's Place: Some Things Are Meant To Be, a historical romance fiction based in part on the fascinating true-life stories of my father and the Blitch Family in South Carolina. I am currently adapting the story to a made-for-TV miniseries, audiobook, and stage musical.

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Listen to T.A. Blitch as he shares the details, thoughts and emotions that go into his writing process with Kate Delaney on her Emmy-award-winning national syndicated radio show.  

"The story behind the story is so fascinating I honestly think if T.A. and I went out to lunch - we'd be out to lunch through dinner!" 


by ritah » 05 Jun 2020, 06:24

Official Review: Pop's Place: Some Things Are Meant To Be

Reviewed in the United States on April 23, 2020

[Following is an official OnlineBookClub.org review of "Pop's Place: Some Things Are Meant To Be" by T. A. Blitch.]

Pop’s Place: Some Things Are Meant To Be by T.A. Blitch is an absorbing historical fiction novel with elements of romance, drama, and adventure. Readers are lead through a fascinating fictional foray of the past and present of the main character’s life, which were highly inspired by actual events.

After enduring years of intense conflict at the frontlines of the Second World War, Jackson Harrison, also known as “Pop” to his team members, returns home hoping to start anew. However, memories from the war and his childhood nightmares threaten to steal any chance of him attaining any peace within. After opening Pop’s Place, a boarding house, Pop is excited to have his first customer. Unbeknownst to him, she’s keeping secrets from him and is not who she seems. On the other hand, as his new venture kicks off, Pops gains a new unconventional love interest. Will Pops follow his heart, or will he let logic override his shot at love with the woman he adores?

Author T.A. Blitch strikes a good balance between showcasing the main character’s experience in the US Naval Academy in Annapolis versus his life experience in the little Sullivan’s Island in Charleston. Blitch’s knowledge and experience in naval aviation become even more evident when he details Pop’s war flights. The vivid description of Pop’s attempt to maneuver a crash landing had me on the edge of my seat with bated breath.

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